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                                      Celebrating 20 years of service!

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    We are accepting donations to assist victims of Hurricane Sandy.



      View Flicker to see some of our relief efforts in some of the hardest hit NYC areas.

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We are accepting dontations for the Holiday Gift Giving program now through Deceber 12, 2012. 

You can organize a toy drive at your place of business, school or club. 

Individual donations of toys and cash are also gladly accepted.

Download the Wishlist so you can help make as many children happy as possible.

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                                               ADVOCACY UPDATE

RF Executive Director, Swami Durga Das joined other community and faith leaders from New York City’s emergency food network in Washington, DC to inform members of congress about the importance of protecting critical food resources in the Farm Bill and federal appropriations to protect food stamps. 

                                                                   Action is needed now!

You can help, write to Congress:



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  • Public demand for food pantry services has risen annually since 2004.
  • The River Fund served more than 100,000 people in 2010.
  • Based on current food poverty trends, we will serve 112,000 people in 2011


The Food Pantry getting ready to distribute food

Client Choice Pantry line, Richmond Hill, Queens

     Current economic trends are adversely affecting both low and middle income New Yorkers making it difficult for families to afford healthy food.

     Healthy lifestyles are being compromised by inexpensive, low nutritional value foods that contribute to diet-related conditions such as: diabetes, obesity and hypertension; especially among  children, women, seniors and people with disabilities.

     To serve the growing needs of our clients, we hope you will support us in reaching our goals for 2012: 

  • Receive and store more fresh, nutritious products
  • Increase food distribution
  • Implement new support services


                                Make a difference in the lives of people living with hunger.

No donation is too small.